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How To Market If No One Knows You

Imagine if you're someone no one ever heard about and you're going into a market, let's say the beauty market and you want to sell beauty products or beauty services, how do you actually go into that market and sell stuff? Because think about it this way, if you're going into that market and you're not like an attractive...

The Secret Of All Marketing And Sales

Let’s get started with my most powerful formula for marketing and sales. This is what I discovered after so many years. And if you really understand the secret, you will really be able to understand all advertising, marketing and sales that you see happening in the business activity. This secret will help you with your copywriting and...

The Ultimate Sales Secret

Here is the ultimate sales secret…

Usually, the problem isn't that the promise isn't good enough. Even if you offered a business to pay you $1000, and they got back $2000. Many would be very happy for that.

The problem is that people don't even believe the claim. "I'll Get You 100 Clients From Facebook For Free!"


Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Here's a guerilla marketing strategy for you:

1) Infiltrate your ideal client's FB groups.

2) Post viral images that your ideal clients feel strongly about.

3) LIKE + RESPOND to each comment.

4) Friend everyone that likes or comments.

5) Private Message everyone & mention the picture you posted and either show another picture, link...

All My Funnels Failed Horribly Until I Did This ONE Thing

All My Funnels Failed Horribly Until I Did This ONE Thing… First, let me ask you… Would you give money to a thief? What about to a racist? An incompetent person? I'm guessing you said no, no, and NO! Right?

See, because of all buzz around funnels, and landing pages, and FB ads, and everything else, we've forgotten ONE very important...

What Would You Do For $5k?

If you are a graphic designer, you can sit down and come up with a complete branding strategy for them and start executing it there in front of them and deliver it to them.

If you are a personal trainer, you can just walk them through all the exercises and really work on their form. Break it up with healthy meals and cooking/shopping tips. Walk...

The ultimate Client Getting Strategy

Someone said they were struggling to get clients, so I want to share my ultimate client getting strategy. No BS, Super Hard, Yet Free And Inevitable "Client Getting & Wealth Creation" Method.

Here is my strategy for getting clients:

Literally, find where potential clients are and just start engaging with them. Help them for free....

What Determines The Life Or Death Of Your Local Business Marketing Campaign

After reviewing hundreds of such campaigns, here's what I've seen time and time again:

1) A cool marketing campaign is launched...
2) Yay, people start clicking!
3) Oh Yeah!! They even add their email addresses!!
...and yet nobody shows up LOL.

And the business owner is mad because they just spent thousands of dollars for a bunch of...

The Ultimate Lead Magnet Strategy

Want Unlimited Leads For Your Business? Just make a curiosity and danger based lead magnet! This is the ultimate lead magnet strategy that works insanely well if you are in a service type business. I've learned this from the legendary marketer, Joe Polish.

Why does this type of lead magnet outperform ANYTHING else? The answer is simple. If I...

The MOST important marketing AND business lesson: Fast Vs Slow Thinking

Here are the MOST important marketing AND business lesson: Fast vs Slow thinking. 99% of people, 99% of the time are in a prejudiced thinking mode. Meaning, they are thinking and acting impulsively.

Daniel Kahneman in his legendary book "Thinking Fast, And Thinking Slow" differentiated between two types of thinking:

1) Thinking FAST