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8 TWEAKS That Can INSTANTLY Increase Conversions On YOUR Opt-In Pages

2 weeks ago I posted my "capture page" for my Facebook ad and I was REALLY happy with the 35% conversion rate. But then, I made ONE CHANGE and my opt-in page is now converting between 50% and 53% (Up to 192 visitors and 97 leads). Here are the 8 TWEAKS that can instantly increase conversions on your opt-in pages:

1) What the heck is...

How To INSTANTLY Make Your Funnels Convert & Look Better

If you've kept up with all the top marketing gurus, you see that almost all of them are paying more attention to design. And one of the most important things in design... is typography and specifically...YOUR FONTS! This will instantly make your funnels convert & look better.

ClickFunnels already comes loaded with thousands of font (from...

How To Double Your Funnel Conversions With This Three Part Color Formula!

Did you know that picking the WRONG colors can destroy your conversions? And make your funnel really sad? It's true… Luckily, you just need to follow this THREE part color formula and your funnel will be dancing with joy from all the money being thrown at it.

Here is the formula!

1) Your FOUNDATION color (this makes you $$$).

This is the...