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How To Write Compelling Copy

How do you write a compelling copy? How do you get people to read and to pay attention to your emails, your Facebook Ads, and all your advertising, marketing or sales activities?

There are many reasons for good copy and communication, but 80 percent of your success in copywriting and marketing really comes down to this one thing: your emotional...

The 13 Point Checklist To Instantly Create Killer Facebook Ads

Be sure to check this 13 point checklist to instantly create a killer Facebook Ads:

1) Call Out The Customer!
Who is this for? Moms? Doctors? Gym rats? Nerds?

2) Mention Their Symptoms
How can they confirm that "THIS IS FOR ME"
...if you've been noticing
...if you've seen/heard/felt/talked about/thought {X, Y, Z}


The Best Format To Create Ads

You may be wondering what format do I use to create the ads? The best Ads are going to be CURIOSITY based + RELEVANT to your prospect.

Curious meaning gets them to ask... "Hmm, I wonder how you do that? I wonder what's new about that? Ahh! How are they pulling that off??"

Relevant meaning... NOT just random like "Guess what...

The Number 1 Mistake People Make With Facebook Ads

The truth that Facebook Ads "consultants" eager to charge you thousands of dollars per month don't want you to know about! Here’s the number 1 mistake with Facebook Ads.

Here's the thing… Facebook Ads is a whole new BEAST, unlike any other advertising platform - EVER. The money "printing" capabilities that are...

How To Turn WORDS Into MONEY With Your Facebook Ads and Landing Pages

Use this "No Fail" Formula to turn WORDS into MONEY with your Facebook Ads and Landing pages.

Tell THIS Kind Of Story [format]:

1) I used to have this problem
2) I tried a lot of things and was confused
3) Finally discovered ONE thing and a bunch of cool stuff happened
4) Click below to find out what it is


The 7 Secrets of the Facebook Pixel

Use These 7 Facebook Secrets of the Facebook Pixel To Not Just "Make Money"... but become ZUCKERBERG RICH!

Too many people are talking about the "Facebook Pixel" but nobody has actually revealed the true power behind it and how to fully exploit it. See, mastering the Facebook pixel will allow you to not only dominate Facebook...

What you should know about your Facebook Ad’s image

"80% of the success of your Facebook Ad comes down to your image". I've taken a lot of flack for saying that in the past, now I recently heard it from Nicholas Kusmich, one of the Facebook Ads legends.

Most of the "Facebook Ad Experts" tell you that the most important thing is the offer… But most people browsing Facebook...