What you can learn about these Young Twins

What you can learn about these Young Twins

Many many years ago there were two twin brothers: Lucky and Unlucky. Their father was a famous jeweler who made the most beautiful jewels, and he passed his knowledge on to his sons. When they were 18 and ready to strike out on their own, a war broke out. In the panic, the brothers were separated and each ended up in a different country.

Ten years passed and the brothers are reunited. Lucky is rich and happy. Wearing the finest clothes of the day! Unlucky is poor and sad. Wearing rags and torn clothes. After they embrace and reconnect, Unlucky ask Lucky: Brother, tell me about your craft, what have you done with it?...

Lucky explains how he apprenticed under a gold and diamond jeweler. He opens a leather case, spreads a cloth and lays down brilliant pieces of gold, emerald and diamond jewels. All beautifully handcrafted, and Lucky says…

"I sell just a handful of these jewels every month and it’s enough for my estate and my family. What about you unlucky? Why are you wearing these ragged clothes? Father always praised your talent and skill in jewel crafting, have you not been able to find work making jewels?"

Unlucky looks ashamed: No, brother, I am still working with jewels. And I still work very hard and produce very detailed work.

Lucky seems puzzled, how can a jeweler be so poor then?

Then Unlucky opens his raggedy bags and then starts pulling out these beautifully handcrafted jewels. Exquisitely detailed. The work is unmistakenly of a master jeweler. Yet when Lucky looks closer he notices they are made from tin and nickel. -Unlucky sighs- when I arrived in my new country, I was only able to find a poor jeweler to apprentice under and he only had access to the poorest of raw material. I work hard and sell countless pieces but in return I get pennies. It's just enough for me and my family to survive.

Both Lucky and Unlucky were excellent jewelers, and they both did the SAME EXACT THING. Yet one of them made 10x as much and ENJOYED the process just because he had a better raw ingredient. A diamond jeweler makes 10x or even a 100x more than a tiny jeweler.

What about you? Are you working with diamonds and gold or tin and nickel? Did you know that you can 2x or 3x or even 5x your business (or MORE) just by focusing on the best segment in your market?

Get rid of your "junk" offers, and focus on your gold, diamonds, and emeralds! Spend your time with the highest quality prospects. Work with only the best clients that will get the highest long-term return. Eliminate and cut-off projects that aren't giving you the return you want. Make it a personal rule to say "no to junk”!

Focus on all the golden opportunities and build all your platforms and funnels around them. Work with the best people you can afford. Get the best tools you can. Pay for the best assets. Serve only the best clients.

This is exactly what was the advice of Steve Jobs to the CEO of Nike:
"When Nike CEO Mark Parker called Apple CEO Steve Jobs for advice as a newly minted chief executive, Jobs told him to "get rid of the crappy stuff"

Follow the commandment: "Though Shall Work With No Junk! Only Gold!" ...and you'll see your funnels and business grow like never before.

Do this and not only will you tap into an astounding source of wealth, but you will finally reclaim your sanity, happiness, and peace of mind. Only Gold!