Want To Get A 5k Client THIS Month?

Want To Get A 5k Client THIS Month?

Enclosed Is The 1 Email Template That Got 500 Snobby Local Businesses To Start Crawling On Their Hands And Knees And Fighting Over Who Is Going To Hand Us The Most Money
...all in just 72 hours!
(+ More, New Student Results Who Applied This And Got The Same)

It was unbelievable.
After contacting thousands of businesses over and over again, and getting nothing but...
...And GO AWAY! 

Something Finally Clicked!

And the answer amazingly was staring me in the face all along. 

This same discovery I’d bring back, and share with my students, and they too got the same amazing result. 

...hundreds of local businesses practically shoving money in their face and begging to work with them.


Just two weeks ago one of my students Sim told me he got an 8-figure client, who owns 13 Orthodontist offices, demanding to give him money!

Another student Nikolaos used the same method to get one client with 5 clinics, and another with 11 clinics…
...all in total will generate him 600k in revenue over the next 12 months!

But what was it…
WHY this huge change?
WHAT changed so drastically?


I remember when I first started contacting local businesses to help them get customers through Facebook Ads...

...I was REALLY excited because I knew that even if I helped them get 5%-10% more customers

...I would have my golden ticket!

...I could FINALLY unlock the 7-figure, independent business of my dreams. 

Also, I knew getting them results wasn’t hard…
There are millions of people that are actively looking for local businesses. 

All I had was find solid businesses, and run simple promotions for them with Facebook Ads, and I’d be home free! 

Plus, getting them results wasn't hard...
The DEMAND for their business was there...
There were a lot of GREAT BUSINESSES that people WANTED to buy from.

But, every time I contacted a
local business telling them...

“Hey! Let me help you get customers
with Facebook Ads!”

I would get a BIG, FAT, NO!
They would have NONE OF IT!
My message was straight up toxic.

You know that nasty feeling?
When you feel like you are IMPOSING on someone?

Being needy? 

When you MESSAGE someone and you
see that little "read a week ago"...
...and they just ignore you...
That icky feeling like I was asking them to join my pyramid scheme or buy magazine subscriptions.

Man, I was just about to give up because nothing is working!

So, there I was…

...because no one was giving me a shot! 

And then, right before I drifted to sleep, I thought…
God, I HATE pestering these local businesses
And I know they hate it too…

God, I HATE pestering these local businesses
And I know they hate it too…

But, I KNOW that I have something valuable to offer.
I KNOW that if I help them, I can have my 7-figure business.

But, how do I get around their resistance?
How do I get them to BELIEVE me?

I didn’t know then, but I was about to discover the greatest marketing secret…

A secret that would unlock avalanches of clients for me and my students… 

A secret, so cataclysmic, that it would shake up the whole marketing world… 

So what was it?

Well, I knew that the same old
“Let me help you with marketing”...
...offer, just WONT work anymore. 

Local businesses are TOTALLY fed up with it. 

I Made Them An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

Well, remember The GOD Father?
What was that famous line?

We’ll make them an offer they CAN’T refuse…


So I thought, what would local businesses CAN’T refuse.

An offer, so irresistible, that they would at least give it a shot…

And that’s when I figured it out!

Local businesses will never refuse CUSTOMERS.

I realized if I had 5 people that WANTED to sign up for a gym, then I can email any local gym, and they would IMMEDIATELY respond. 

They would IMMEDIATELY WANT what I had…

But, how can I DO that ethically? And realistically?

How can I tell a local business, YES, I do have customers for you right now, want me to send them to you?

I thought hard, and I figured it out! 

We will get them results…

So, I went to work on a Facebook promotion for a local gym offer, and spent 50 of my own money promoting it. 

Guess what…
3 days later I got 33 people that claimed the promotion, and expressed interest in the local gym offer!

And guess what I did next…

I contacted the local gyms in my area, and I said:
Hey, we got 33 people that want to sign up for a gym locally, do you have spots available?

Just like that, I started to get massive response from local businesses.

They suddenly all wanted to work with me!

And then we started to scale that campaign nationally, the whole “we have customers for you” angle…
...and the results were absolutely insane. 

The last time we ran this campaign, that’s when we had over 500 local businesses, all around the country, contacting us back, WANTING to work with us. 

YES! Tell me more…
YES! I am interested…
YES! Let’s get on a call…
YES! How much do you charge…

And today, that’s what I teach to my students. 

We Get An Avalanche Of Local Business Clients By Using The “The Influencer” Strategy:

We don’t tell local businesses:
(No) Hey! We want to do marketing services for you!

Instead, we say:
(YES) We have X customers, do you want them?

That type of confidence and positioning, gets massive attention & response.

There is no faster and no better way to get MASSIVE amounts of clients, and have your pick! 

The Best Part, We Can Do All This Risk FREE!

Before we work with a client, we start with a proven & tested marketing funnel & campaign in the local market.

Second, every new client we work with, we start on a very small budget.  (500-1000) 

And then we guarantee the results.
The worst case scenario we break-even on the campaign, and don’t make any profit.

Best case scenario, we generate an awesome result for the client, and have a super profitable campaign. 

Then we come back to the client, and turn
them from a 500-1k one
into a 3k-5k/month one!

...all because we EARNED their trust.

...and DEMONSTRATED that we have something insanely powerful that works

Did you know that there are over 800,000 small businesses in the U.S. that make over 1,000,000?

Do you know what the size of that opportunity?
That’s 800 billion dollars! 

This is an inexhaustible well of wealth.

All you have to do is HELP those small businesses.

Help them get customers and you can write your own ticket and achieve whatever you want to achieve. 

Want To Get A 5k Client THIS Month?

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Talk soon,
Mike Kabbani