The Ultimate Lead Magnet Strategy

The Ultimate Lead Magnet Strategy

Want Unlimited Leads For Your Business? Just make a curiosity and danger based lead magnet! This is the ultimate lead magnet strategy that works insanely well if you are in a service type business. I've learned this from the legendary marketer, Joe Polish.

Why does this type of lead magnet outperform ANYTHING else? The answer is simple. If I say to you... Did you know that accidentally mixing two common house ingredients can release a lethal toxic gas and kill you within minutes? Where does your mind go?... "I wonder what those two ingredients are? I better not accidentally mix them!!!"

If I said… "Did you know there was a crime next door last week." Your mind goes… "Wait a second, what crime happened???"

See, curiosity is insanely powerful by itself. Curiosity + Fear is just irresistible to the human psyche. It's the #1 attention grabber and it creates a powerful URGE to discover what's going on and the person can't even THINK until they "checked it out".

The key here to making this work is to still appear believable and legitimate and not just like a quack - so there is an art to this. The best way is to not just make the WHOLE lead magnet fear based, mix it other emotions as well.

Here are some ideas for the fear based stuff:

  • 7 Things/Ways/Common Approaches That Can Actually Hurt You!
  • 13 Myths About X That Hold You Back!
  • 4 Rip-Offs/Hidden Fees/Underhanded Stuff/Scams Other Service Providers Are Getting Away With
  • 8 Hidden Dangers That No One Has Told You About

To brainstorm some ideas yourself just ask:

  • What are the hidden dangers that my customers don't know about? Or don't know enough?
  • What are the common myths that sabotage their progress and holds them back?
  • Who is taking advantage of them and taking them for a ride?
  • Is there a whole industry profiting from their ignorance or mistakes?
  • What side-effects or future consequences are my clients exposed to if they continue on the path they are on?

Then mix the bitter (fear) stuff with some sugar (fixes and benefits) to make a tasty lemonade. Things like:
- Hidden Opportunities! (There's more good stuff than you thought!)
- Tips, Hacks, And Shortcuts! (Get there even faster and cheaper!)
- Benefits, Transformations, Increases (You're going to enjoy all this stuff)
- Formulas, Home Remedies, Do It Yourself. (A lot of stuff is easy and you can fix it yourself)

So it's not just purely "Oh no, don't do this stuff", but it seems like you have "Do this instead as well". That makes it seem much more balanced and appealing.

The ONLY problem with this type of lead magnets is you're going to get an insane amount of leads... in fact, too many leads and you need to qualify them now and see which are the best prospects. But once you solve that problem, you'll easily 3x, 4x or even 5x your sales with your existing sales funnels using this ultimate lead magnet strategy.