The Secret To Business Growth

The Secret To Business Growth

One mistake a lot of business owners do is to spend hours and hours thinking about how to get money… But the BEST ways to make money is by proactively going out and ADDING VALUE to others, that’s the secret to business growth.

Look at what Amazon did. They became an INSANE behemoth of a business by finding a way to give great deals to people and help them. Jeff Bezos said his infamous quote: "your profit margin is my opportunity".

Think about that quote, Jeff Bezos is saying: "I will LOSE money just to make people initially happy". That's forward thinking!!!

While most of his competitors were focusing on how to make the MOST money. He focused on how to make the LEAST money (upfront). Because he knew the value of his customer relationships.

In the book "Ready, Fire, Aim", the dude who wrote it is a serial entrepreneur who has personally started several companies that broke 9 figures. And the MOST important asset in your business is reaching a "critical mass" in terms of clients.

You can think of this in a yearly time frame: Yearly Client Value * Number of Clients.

If your average client value is $1000 And you have 100 clients/year, You make $100,000/year.
If you increase the average value to $2000 and get 200 clients. Then now you make $400,000/year.

That's why I see this whole "business game" it's really about the relationship between your business and it's clients.

The DEEPER the "business-client" relationship + the more clients that you can have a deep relationship with = the more money you make.

I remember an anecdote of one of the most successful car salesman and you know what was his strategy? Sending handwritten postcards to all of his prospects and buyers.

Anyway, this is turning out to be a long rant. But the BIG point I really want to communicate is that: Your income = Your relationships. Spend 80% of your time just building relationships with people, potential clients, old clients or peers.

That's exactly what the Super Funnel is built to accomplish. It's a whole strategy of how to build and maintain mass relationships (and automating most of the process). Which allows you to achieve the fastest and greatest level of success!