The Number 1 Mistake With Facebook Ads

The Number 1 Mistake People Make With Facebook Ads

The truth that Facebook Ads "consultants" eager to charge you thousands of dollars per month don't want you to know about! Here’s the number 1 mistake with Facebook Ads.

Here's the thing… Facebook Ads is a whole new BEAST, unlike any other advertising platform - EVER. The money "printing" capabilities that are available at your fingertips now is more potent than ever before, and that's the problem that trips people up.

See, because the Facebook platform is so powerful, the competition in it is intensely fierce. Everybody is literally fighting to get the attention of your customer, and most are losing tons of money in this cash-fueled binge free for all. But a TINY group of people has figured out what the "Facebook Ads" game is all about, and they are taking everybody to the cleaners.

Here's what this TINY group of people is NOT doing, they are NOT using the normal facebook Ads editor (or even POWER editor) for that matter.


Because while you are literally running ONE Ad with Facebook. They can literally run HUNDREDS of variations of that ONE Ad with different targeting. To explain why this will MAKE or BREAK you on Facebook, here are the 3 Factors That Determine If Your Ad Makes It To Treasure Island Or Gets Mauled By The Sharks:

Factor #1: The Image
The IMAGE is the MOST important factor for your Ad. Because people browsing Facebook DON'T READ ANYTHING until they first see an image that grabs their attention. Having the right image will mean the life or death of your Ad.

Factor #2: The Text
This is less important but it has to be GOOD ENOUGH to hook the readers and get them to click. I like using pattern interrupts, attention grabbers and open loops in the beginning of the text.

Factor #3: The person that sees it [Targeting]
THIS IS WHERE FACEBOOK IS UNIQUE. Unlike the "old media" where you mainly controlled the copy and the image, with Facebook, you can test variations with different copy + image + person.

Let me pause and explain why this is SO CRITICAL… because it's a total mind trip. Imagine if your Facebook Ads campaign is a "lock” and if you insert the RIGHT KEY, the campaign will blow up and your laptop just starts printing money. And if you insert the WRONG key... your laptop will start EATING your credit cards and burning your cash.

Wouldn't you WANT to "test" as MANY different keys as you can, with TINY $$$ amounts and see: Which KEY is going to PRINT money, and which key is going to BURN money?

[That's what the "Facebook Ad Consultants" are secretly doing!!]
They don't know more about your business than you do!
They don't have better ideas than you do!
Their copy isn't better than yours!!

They literally are just plugging in several different copy formulas and images and hitting "TEST”.

And guess what tool does all that for you? The name of it is AdEspresso

To be honest, I was worried about revealing it here because this is MY secret weapon for running winning Facebook campaigns, but because I believe in sharing and giving out as much value as I can, I want everyone in the group to be aware of this.

So STOP burning money running just ONE ad and HOPING that it works...
Instead, sit down with AdEspresso for one day, come up with 2-3 different copy, 4-6 different images, and hit TEST. It literally creates like 100 different ads and runs them for you. This is literally the NO FAIL method.

Then you come back in a day or two...
1) Euthanize the ads that are losing money
2) Grow the ads that are making you money

It's LITERALLY THAT EASY. It's not complicated, avoid making the number 1 mistake with Facebook Ads. You really can do this!