The Key To Massive Success

The Key To Massive Success

How do you achieve massive success? How do you go from where You are to where you want to be and really achieve massive goals?

This is a question I've been obsessed with for over 10 years. Ever since I was a teenager I was so dissatisfied with so many things in my life. I came from a lower middle class and oftenly we didn't have enough money. There was always these problems and bad things happening. And then at some point I realized that I have to take control of this situation. I have to somehow succeed, I have to stop failing. I don't want to have this pain and this frustration all the time. I really want to start succeeding... So how could I achieve that?

That’s when I started to study how to be successful. And obviously there are so many things involved in success. If you've read books, if you’ve studied personal development you find there are so many different elements people talk about, like learning skills, positive thinking, but I've found there's only one that is the most important: the Transformation.

But what does transformation means? 

Let’s think about the people that we look up to, the actors, actresses, professional players. We tend to think those people are really talented, they’ve achieved a lot and we wonder how did they do it? What was the number one thing that enabled them to do it? And we often see the final outcome, how they are successful now, but  we forget the transformation that happened, we forget all the changes the went through and the decisions they made earlier at their careers.

Every successful person you know at some point they transformed. Name any, Michael Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, actors, business people, all those achievers. They were at some point just an average normal person. So, how did they change? 

How did that transformation happen?

Well for many reasons for sure, but one core reason is that they were forced to change. They were put in a situation where they had to change, they had to rise up above their own expectations and capabilities. There were the circumstances around them that forced them to change.

Now think about yourself for a moment. Maybe you had a situation in your life where you woke up in the middle of the night and there was an emergency. What you notice is even though you were deep asleep, suddenly you're super awake and high alert, you're ready to go because of this emergency. So where did that alertness come from? Where did that focus, concentration and physical readiness come from? Because normally you wouldn't have it after only two hours of sleep, we can't do that normally.

So where did that come from? Well, the situation demanded that from us when we felt it was an emergency. Suddenly, we tap into these capabilities inside of us, but they're not being brought to the surface in a comfort zone. And that's really the secret of success. Everybody has capabilities, but they're all dormant inside of us. They're all just hidden inside of us. There are the circumstances we are forced to be in that brought the best of us.

The key to success is... 

The key to success is just expanding, growing our innate capabilities and the way to do that is by putting demands on ourselves. We have to put ourselves in a situation where we are forced to perform better than ever, where we are forced to rise up above our own expectations.

The problem here is that our brain is not designed to take us to that level, our brain is so complacent in a sense and its only mission is to preserve energy and wants to protect itself. It’s like a phone, when you don't use your phone, it goes into sleep mode and hibernate. Your body and your brain is the same way, it will do whatever you demand from it it will give you but it won't give you any more than that.

So how do you change that? How do you apply that practically? 

Well this is what you do. You have to shift your brain from thinking in terms of waiting until you are ready, don’t wait until you are ready. It's your responsibility and it's your job to direct it, to activate it and to get stuff out of it, because remember, your brain always want to preserve energy and don’t want waste more than necessary, but you are in control.

That's the big difference. If for instance you're writing a book or you're creating marketing content or any business activity, the true is you will never be ready for it. And in fact you just have to go in and start doing it. And in a sense forcing yourself more and more to go deeper will make you stronger. The more you challenge yourself the more you grow and the stronger you become.

That's what I do now. but I didn't do it before. For many years I didn’t have the right mental programming so to speak, I always thought I have to be ready first. And what would happen is I would just never be ready and my progress was slow. But then I looked at the super achievers and I saw their secret. They were putting themselves in situations that they were not ready for. And because they put themselves in that situation they had to rise up to the occasion and that's how they developed it.

If you want to publish a book don't wait until you have it all figured out. Just go and publish the first draft. What happens is that doing something when you're not ready that's where the greatest amount of learning happens and most importantly you eliminate the fear, because so much of what holds us back is this fear of something new.

That's the secret of success. You have to go before you're ready. You have to go in jump and learn how to swim. Believe me, if you apply that, your progress will be so much faster. And if you will fail, keep going, that’s good. Even though you fail in the moment, you will succeed more in the long run. Because in the long run you learn so much and you grow so much. And that's really the main thing: Start challenging yourself  and let me know about your progress and how you apply this daily.

Talk soon.