The iPhone’s Secret: The #1 Key To Scale Your Business To 7-Figures And Beyond

The iPhone’s Secret: The #1 Key To Scale Your Business To 7-Figures And Beyond

How to take a “normal business” and turn it into a 7-figure + business? How did the iPhone come out of nowhere and became the #1 phone in the world and what you can you learn from it for YOUR business?

Think about it the iPhone and how it was introduced in the market. It came out of nowhere, right? It just came out of nowhere and suddenly it became the number one phone in the world, and this happened so rapidly, so sudden.

But what was their secret?

Before the iPhone, phones all came with a dial pad, there was no touch screen. Until the iPhone was introduced touch screen into the market and that was the dead of dial pads. Everything was on the screen and people had the ability to input much faster, they could interact with it, move things, swipe up and down, and this became so hot in the market that everyone wanted to buy one.

So what was the key that made it so successful? What is the secret that you can apply to your business?

It is very simple, iPhone met people's needs and they instantly liked it. But the thing is before the iPhone nobody was thinking about the iPhone and this is the critical point. The key to have an insanely successful business is discovering your customers hidden desires and connecting them to your offer. That's what the iPhone did.

As you know people had all these desires, they wanted things faster, better, smoother. They wanted more things and the iPhone gave them all these new things. And this is a clear an critical example of what you must be really aware of: people pay to get what they want. That's what we use money for, to get what we want, when we want it. People is paying every day for things they want, things they desire the most.

And when you uncover your customers hidden desires, when you discover what they really want and you discover what they value, thus you would have discovered what they will pay for. And that's the key.

How could you uncover your customer hidden desires?

You have to ask them, that's the key. One way is to contact your customers, preferably your best ideal customers and ask them several questions, you kind of interview them. The purpose of this interview is not getting a clear answer of what you need to offer them, but they will give you the clues that will get you closer. You become a detective.

This is very important to keep in mind, because you might be thinking they'll give you the answer, but no, they won't give you the answer, they will only give you clues. It is your job to gather all these information, all this feedback and start elaborating an offer for them based on what they already told you.

When you do that you have a very profitable business. You have a business that people rave about and have a great experience and are willing to pay premium prices for. When the iPhone came out, they didn't sell it cheap and didn't compete on price. It competed on value, because it meant people's needs. That's what you want to focus on, find out what do people want and then you craft your offer.

How to make it practical?

There are main two questions you can ask them. First one is about discovering their goals, what are their objectives. And the second one is about what they’re worried or concerned about. The purpose is to find out where they’re heading and what fears are preventing them to reach that place.

Back to the example of Apple. A lot of people were afraid of using technology, they were afraid of the complications and they were hesitant to try new technologies, simply because it seemed too complicated. But Apple eliminated that fear by creating a phone very easy to use and simplified for everyone.

There are more questions you could ask. For example:

  • What would they like to do?  This is about the things they find enjoyable.
  • How well do they know your product or service?  Often times your customers don’t really know you.
  • What do they hate doing or find frustrating?  The things they don’t enjoy.
  • How big of a priority is this thing in their life?  If you’re not a priority, don’t waste time pursuing those type of customers.

It is really important that you take action and ask those questions. Not just learning, but actually implementing. Create a survey and send it out to your customers, or ask some of your best customers to do an interview and schedule it this same week. Listening to your customers’ answer will help you make so much progress

Talk soon.