The 7 Secrets of the Facebook Pixel

The 7 Secrets of the Facebook Pixel

Use These 7 Facebook Secrets of the Facebook Pixel To Not Just "Make Money"... but become ZUCKERBERG RICH!

Too many people are talking about the "Facebook Pixel" but nobody has actually revealed the true power behind it and how to fully exploit it. See, mastering the Facebook pixel will allow you to not only dominate Facebook Ads but basically get customers for pennies on the dollar. And used properly will make you crazy rich.

Let's jump through the 7 secrets:

Secret #1: How To Build An "Email List" Without Any Emails Or Opt-in!

Did you know using the Facebook Pixel you can start a LIST of people that you can reach out to, WITHOUT them having to opt-in to ANYTHING?
If all they did was: visit your website for ONE SECOND and then LEFT, now you have added them to your "Facebook List". And you can contact them instantly, whenever you want!

And guess what, this is all built into the Facebook Pixel, no need for any customization. You can even MESSAGE THEM on Facebook Messenger... Yup, just from them visiting your page for a second.

Secret #2: Use "The Zuckerberg Effect" To Get Facebook To Only Show Ads To People Who Will Give You Money!

Once you setup your pixel, you tell it: HEY! PIXEL!! WAKE UP!!! Please only show my ads to people that will click or who will put in their email, or my favorite: PEOPLE WHO WILL BUY!!

You can literally configure your Zuckerberg Pixel to "analyze" your buyers, create a 500+ point customer avatar, and then ONLY show the ads to them. All you have to do is add "Pixel Events" on your CF pages. And the magic just happens automatically!

Secret #3: How To 3x Your Results With A Few More Pennies

Here's the deal, the pixel brought you some awesome people to your funnel, but for some reason, they didn't continue. Luckily, you instruct your ZUCKERBERG PIXEL: HEY PIXEL! Those dudes that didn't continue, go and tell them to come back. DONE!

And because that list you are targeting is TINY, it's insanely cheap yet incredibly profitable to advertise. Just one-retargeting ad can DOUBLE or TRIPLE the results of your Facebook Funnel!

Secret #4: Go "Full Stalker" With Audience Network & Instagram

For your retargeting, don't stop with just the Facebook! Those who saw your offer, go after them E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! With the audience network, you will pop-up in their iPhone games... EVERYWHERE. And with the same message.

While this is a BAD IDEA for COLD TRAFFIC, this is a great idea for our special EXTRA HOT PIXEL LIST. So going all-out after them just WORKS!

Secret #5: Get Instant $$$$ With Right Hand Column Ads

Your HOTTEST pixeled audience, those that are deepest in the funnel. Add a right-hand side ad to get them to take immediate action. This is the place to put: BUY NOW!!!

Secret #6: Get Your Whole Auto-Responder On Facebook

Are you a real Facebook Ads mofo? Then you can sequence your ENTIRE AUTO-RESPONDER with Facebook Ads. Not for the faint of hearts, but those who want to get ZUCKERBERG RICH are willing to go deep.

Secret #7: Re-target with UpSells...

Do you want something totally crazy? Re-target with UpSells. Yeah, there I said it!
Your buyers that didn't buy your upsells, send your Pixel after them and show them the upsells! (Same with cart abandonment). There is just NO LIMIT to this!

So, as you can see, the ZUCKERBERG Pixel rabbit hole is deep and full of insane riches. Seriously, when you mix ClickFunnels + Facebook Ads… Well, that's like mixing the two most explosive money making combo on the planet!

So get to work! Dive deep into the 7 secrets of the Facebook pixel and start extracting all those Zuckerberg riches from it.

Mike Kabbani.