The 13 Point Checklist To Instantly Create Killer Facebook Ads

The 13 Point Checklist To Instantly Create Killer Facebook Ads

Be sure to check this 13 point checklist to instantly create a killer Facebook Ads:

1) Call Out The Customer!
Who is this for? Moms? Doctors? Gym rats? Nerds?

2) Mention Their Symptoms
How can they confirm that "THIS IS FOR ME"
...if you've been noticing
...if you've seen/heard/felt/talked about/thought {X, Y, Z}

3) Name The Problem
WHY do they feel the way they do?
What's the name of the problem?
Who is the culprit behind this?

5) Give A Strong Promise
Lose fat? Gain muscle? Make money? Save Money?
What MAIN GOAL will this help them achieve or problem to escape from?

6) Tell Them How
Don't go into insane detail, but at least have ONE WORD for the solution as "how", make it sound new/cool/mysterious/solid (pick your angle).

7) Show Some Feelings
Hate? Love? Ecstatic? Agonizing? Confusing? Exhilarating?
How are they going to feel before/after?

8) Give Rational Support
Testimonials / Statistics / Stories / Case Studies

9) You Can Fix It IF...
Tell them there is FINALLY an opportunity for them, PERSONALLY, to actualize this promise BY [Reading/watching/attending/purchasing... YOUR THING]

10) Pre-Frame That With Scarcity
Only available now. Limited. We just opened this (might not last). For a few people. Few spots are open.

11) Mix That With URGENCY (Time Limit)
This week. Today. The next 14 days. The next hour.
Will close after this

12) Add An Urgent Call To Action
So if you want X, click here right now and {feel better}

13) Ask For Comments & Shares
This increases engagement and makes your copy more "popular".
(Even if no one actually does this, it still works)

There! This is the fastest way to create super powerful Facebook Ad that just about forces Mark Zuckerberg to hand over the benjamins.