How To Write Compelling Copy

How To Write Compelling Copy

How do you write a compelling copy? How do you get people to read and to pay attention to your emails, your Facebook Ads, and all your advertising, marketing or sales activities?

There are many reasons for good copy and communication, but 80 percent of your success in copywriting and marketing really comes down to this one thing: your emotional state. I'll explain this with a story…

Just a few days ago I had a student who hired me for coaching. We were going to do this immersive coaching session to help him get clients. So we scheduled the appointment, but then for some reason I forgot about the appointment. I treat these sessions very seriously, for me are very important, thus I prepare myself or I make sure to be in a high energy state when I show up. However, in this case I wasn’t prepared at all, and I actually I was feeling kind of tired.

As I start talking to him, there was a voice in my head making me feel uncertain, I was thinking how I was supposed to help this person feeling uninspired. I wasn’t at all in a creative state. But I kept going and in my deeper thoughts I knew I was going to find the answer.

And here's the thing that happened, as we kept talking and talking my energy was increasing, I felt more energized, more focused, more excited and clarity started to come. I started to get clear and I started to see what was holding him back. I saw the answer to his problems and we figured out how to get him clients. I told him exactly what we were going to do and we started to take action and implement that. And just like that by the end of the call he had a concrete and actionable plan with such clarity and a high probability of success. This was a plan I didn't have at the beginning of the conversation, during the call I even dictated the copy for him word by word for his Facebook Ads.

The main lesson of this story and the key to writing compelling copy is...

 ... that your emotional state can determine in great part your outcome. In this case, because I started to feel more energized and in a much better mood, the copy came to me. I heard it inside of me. I didn't come up with it but the copy came from the emotional state that I was in.

When we started the conversation I was feeling tired and uninspired. And because of that: my thoughts, my words and my communication was that way, it was uninspired and not compelling. And the thing is if I was to write or communicate in that state, feeling uninspired, unmotivated, tired, I could write anything, but the outcome would be like that: not inspirational, unmotivational, It would not work.

That's really the key. You have to put yourself in an optimal emotional state before you start writing your copy. Your communication is 80 percent of how you're feeling. The remaining 20 percent it's almost a by product of your skills and shaping those skills, always combined with how you’re feeling and how you transform these emotions into words to create a great compelling copy. You need to have the mindset of putting emotions into words, and not writing hoping to create an emotion.

Therefore, create the emotion first within you, learn how to control your own internal state and then you can start writing your copy. If you don’t feel motivated, your copy won’t be motivational nor inspirational. If you want to write happy things, first you have to make yourself happy.

Finally, If you're feeling powerful and motivated you’d better start writing. Good things will come out of that. Then, through practice you can improve your performance, but that's how it starts and the more you do that, the more successful you are going to be with your copywriting. And in addition, the quality of your life will improve, because of your emotions you will start feeling good about things in life.  

Talk soon.