How To Market If No One Knows You

How To Market If No One Knows You

Imagine if you're someone no one ever heard about and you're going into a market, let's say the beauty market and you want to sell beauty products or beauty services, how do you actually go into that market and sell stuff? Because think about it this way, if you're going into that market and you're not like an attractive woman or you're not some kind of cosmetic expert. How do you actually go into that market and sell stuff?

To me is the most powerful marketing element and business element that you should really know, because there's so much marketing advice so much sales advice, but a lot of it doesn't apply. That’s where two kinds of marketing and sales appear:

One way is by selling who you are, by selling your identity...

It's like a personal trainer that looks really fit, attractive, has the ABS and sell fitness services. Or like an attractive woman that looks perfect and she sells beauty services. Or the rich person selling how to get rich services.That's one way to do it.

This kind of identity selling, people see that you have certain qualities or certain associations. And then because of that, because you seem like an expert they want to buy things from you. But I just said the problem with that, if you are not fit, attractive, rich or whatever, you can’t sell them with this type of marketing.

The other way is by selling the benefits, by selling value…

To me there's another kind of selling and that's the mode of marketing and sales that I prefer because when I first started as an entrepreneur I faced with this dilemma. I had to get started in the market and nobody knew about me. I really had no outside authority and I didn't even have any attractive qualities to it.

I would go into the fitness market but I wasn't really fit myself. I wasn't the strongest nor the fittest. I was kind of above average in terms of my fitness level but I became extremely successful in that market because I didn't sell so much of who I was, that wasn’t the focus of my business. In fact, my whole business was not about me, I didn’t have the achievements in order to compete with that, but what I could compete was on benefits and value.

This is something that I had that other people didn't have. I became obsessed with how to provide value to people and not so much about who I am. I had to have a way different from selling myself, but I had to sell something and that's the really the key.

How to apply this…

Focus on the client and the customer and you think what does the customer want. What are the problems that the customers are facing, what are their frustrations, struggles, desires, fantasies… In those things you focus and then you start to obsess over them to create the perfect solution or a great solution that would fit in with their desires.

For example, back in fitness when we were working with our clients there was a big problem: they hated diet food. They wanted to diet, but they hated all the diet food. As you probably know most diet food is horrible. It takes a long time to prepare and it's confusing. That was a big problem they had and they wanted to lose weight but they found that this was an obstacle they were facing over and over again. So what we did, we were really empathetic with them and we really understood them, thus we created a planning system for them that solved this problem. It took care of a lot of their frustrations. And when they noticed that we were telling them about their problems to start dieting, about how the were trying to lose weight and how we created the plan that solved all their frustrations about it… They loved that and our business became insanely successful doing that.

Therefore, I learned that lesson about how you can sell things even if nobody knows about you. If you go into any market all you have to do is to start understanding the problems, the frustrations, the fears, the anxieties and the issues people have in that market. And then you basically start to engineer solutions to fulfill those needs.

If somebody says to you I'm really hungry and I really would love a hamburger right now. Then, you go and find a great hamburger place and show them to them, or here's the number you want me to order for you. This had nothing to do with your own cooking skills or how good of a chef you are, right? They wanted a hamburger and you give them to them, but you don’t have to make it yourself. You just figured out that's what they want and you gave them what they wanted, you solved that problem for them. So that's really the key element.

Lately, I see so many people wondering how they could succeed in business or marketing. They claim they don’t have the qualifications, they don’t have the thing. But in reality it's not about you, it's about the problems you solve in the market. It's about the people you're helping. And all you have to do is to put yourself aside and start to focus on how you can bring  value to those people and how they can solve their problems. You identify what issues they have and that you could help them with. If you do that, you now have a business, because you provided value for them or they didn't have value before. And they will give you value in return, money and other things.

That's the key to focus on. It is not about who you are, it is about focusing on the value you provide to others and the problems you may help them solve.

Talk soon.