How To Double Your Funnel Conversions With This Three Part Color Formula!

How To Double Your Funnel Conversions With This Three Part Color Formula!

Did you know that picking the WRONG colors can destroy your conversions? And make your funnel really sad? It's true… Luckily, you just need to follow this THREE part color formula and your funnel will be dancing with joy from all the money being thrown at it.

Here is the formula!

1) Your FOUNDATION color (this makes you $$$).

This is the primary color of your funnel. Generally either blue, red, or green.
Blue = more trustworthy/safe/calming.
Red = more aggressive/powerful/masculine.
Green = more friendly/natural/healthy.
Pink/purple are also used more for super feminine brands.

2) Your SPICE color.

This is a complementary color. So if you pick blue for your main, the spice color can be PURPLE. If red, the spice can be yellow. You use the highlight color to draw attention to certain things and add "color".


This is your Call To Action Color. If you want to MAXIMIZE conversions in your funnel, then pick a color that is OPPOSITE to your base color. If your base color is blue, then pick red; if the base is red, pick blue. WHY?! Because that will make your CALL TO ACTION buttons or links to stand out VERY CLEARLY. The person in your funnel knows 100% that they need to click this.

When you follow this "THREE PART COLOR" formula, then your funnel looks very professional and BALANCED. It will make sense and people will trust it.

Start using the right colors in your funnel and follow the three part color formula. It will make you tons and tons of emails and money!!