How To Deal With Distractions

How To Deal With Distractions

Here are some tips on how to deal with distractions:

1) Be sure you are energetic, to begin with.
When you are tired, you'll tend to seek distractions to stimulate you. It's like a hungry person seeks food. A bored or tired person seeks stimulation (distraction).

2) Turn off ALL notifications on your phone.
Notifications are distractions.

3) Close the door and tell others you are busy for the next 1, 2, 3+ hours.
Others interrupting you will destroy the flow of your work.

4) Take intentional breaks
The mind and body need breaks to function well. If you don't take breaks, then you will just start feeling bad and will start feeling a compulsion to "distract yourself". If you intentionally take a break, then you can control what you "break with" rather than compulsively doing something bad.

5) Sit cross-legged or stand up when you work.
The least effective working posture is just sitting on a chair with both feet on the ground. The reason is that all the muscles in the body are relaxed, which means there isn't enough "internal stimulation" and you are more susceptible to outside "noise". So even in a chair, I always bring one leg up, or cross one leg over the other, or adjust my posture so there is tension in the body.

6) Reboot, Refocus, Review and RePlan every few hours.
I find I work best when I break my day down into 3 or 4 (at the most) "sprint sessions". And each "sprint" I re-focus myself, clarify what I need to do, and get it done! Anyway, just some random tips on dealing with distractions and staying focused and productive.