How To Change Your Emotional States

How To Change Your Emotional States

To me this is really the most valuable lesson or concept that I can share with you. The secret to achievement and productivity is our emotional state. Think about it, if you can control your emotions you can achieve anything you want.

Why do we do or not do something? We might not do something well because it's boring. If it’s boring, it means we're unmotivated, we're not inspired enough to do it right. Then,it becomes an emotional problem right. Saying it's too boring, it's too difficult,  I'm too tired is an emotional problem.

We create an emotional block that hold us back like fear, we're afraid of so many things, we're afraid of launching this thing, because we start thinking: What if it fails? What if it does succeed? What if whatever…? That's an emotion as well. All these perfectionism, over preparing,  fear of failure, etc., all of those things are emotional issues. So the key is to learn how to manage properly your emotions in a powerful, productive and positive way.

Furthermore, in terms of emotions, there are a couple of things we need to clear up, let’s talk about pain and managing your state:


One thing we deal with is pain. Pain is a big problem. That's kind of a big emotional block, big emotional obstacle and this pain can be physical, emotional and mental. You know we have all kinds of pain. So it's important to know that because when you feel in pain your productivity suffers. When your body feels pain inherently it wants to shut down, it wants to rest, it wants to protect itself, it doesn't want to take action or be creative and do all these things we need to do. Pain slows you down and your productivity decreases.

So, the key here is to reduce pain. If you have any kind of health problems, you should take care of that and reduce that pain. All this pain causes a type of negativity that won’t let you do a proper work, your performance is affected by that.


How do you manage your state? The number one thing I discovered that works really well is media. Media in terms of video or music. If you think about it, this is the most effective way that we've found to manage our state.

When people is bored, What do they do? They get a distraction. They go to their phone or their television and they're not bored anymore. Media is very effective. It's really the most direct way to tap into different emotions. If you want to feel sad just put on a sad video and you will feel sad. If you want to laugh put on a comedy and you start laughing.

Now, you might be wondering how does that help you be productive? Well, you can actually use that if you use it intelligently. You use the media to your advantage, the way I use it oftentimes is as a background source, I put it in the background. I have a video or music player in the background and I'm not focusing on it. It's in the background but it influences my emotional state. It influences the emotional state that I want to be while I'm writing, while I'm recording, while I'm coaching. In this way I match the emotional state with the type of activity that I'm doing. This led us to the different emotional states we have, the negatives and the positives, or as I like to call them: the antidote for the negative emotions.



The most common emotional states are fear, boredom and pain. Fear is anxiety, uncertainty, feeling worried, feeling stressed, your stomach is tense. Boredom is just being uninspired, unmotivated, low energy or just don't feel like it. And pain is where we feel like suffering. So how do we deal with those three negative emotions?



The antidote for boredom is excitement and positive energy. That’s the key to overcome boredom. Adding some kind of emotional excitement to your life and positive vibes. And there are a lot of things you can do about it.

Let me give you the example of media, because that's the easiest. If you want to feel much more excitement you go and put in a comedy or an action movie. You won’t put a documentary, because that’s kind of boring and you are already bored. Same for positive energy, there are motivational and inspirational videos that can help you eliminate boredom and get more excitement and positivity.


What needs to happen when the person is feeling anxious or worried, they need power. You don't see the fear when you are feeling powerful or strong, you don't feel afraid.

But how do you access power? How do you actually get to power? Because it's like an abstract thing.

So let me give you an example of media. The closest emotion to power is anger. It is not the equivalent to power, but in terms of emotion is the most similar. Thus, if you want to feel powerful, you need to get angry. There is a movie called Crank 2, which is about rage and anger. I used to watch it a lot when I had some business problems. I had so much anxiety and worry. And I'll put that movie on and it was so motivational.

And you would think: how could anger be motivational? But it really can be. And here's the thing, you have to make sure you use anger as the antidote for fear; however, as any antidote you don't want to overuse it. You want to use it to help you balance out. Then, if you're feeling afraid, you add the anger and you balance it out. The key is to get moving again and do not get stuck in anger. You don't want all these negative things associated with anger, so you don't want to get too angry. You want to get clear headed.


The antidote for pain is totally different. You cannot add anger to your life, because it may intensify your pain, it could become destructive and your worldview gets distorted. You cannot add excitement either, because happy things are not a good antidote, you for sure will laugh with a comedy, but still inside you’re hurt, then you need something more profound. That's what I found as the antidote for pain: profound things.

Going back to the media example, you could watch an epic superhero movie like batman, it’s emotional and meaningful, because watching deep things we could learn that every pain has a meaning. There’s suffering, but at the end it’s more meaningful. There is always something more important than the pain and disappointment. That’s the discovery. These epic movies may intensify the pain for some moment, but at the end there’s transformation, the pain becomes a meaningful pain and not this kind of egotistical pain.

So, that was crazy but that's my core productivity framework and how to use it. The key is to center yourself, to balance yourself when you feel too sad or in pain, or whatever negative emotional state you’re in. You can start using media as a source of positive energy or excitement. Sometimes you will need to feel excited, another time you will need to feel powerful. The key is to always balance it out.

Learning how to manage your emotional states not only will help you for your copywriting, but also for your own personal productivity. The foundation of your emotional states dictates your productivity. And also you apply that to improve your own quality of life, your own personal life for the better. You learn how to do this stuff the better your life is going to be, not just in terms of achievement, but it will also bring you inner peace.

Talk soon.