Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Here's a guerilla marketing strategy for you:

1) Infiltrate your ideal client's FB groups.

2) Post viral images that your ideal clients feel strongly about.

3) LIKE + RESPOND to each comment.

4) Friend everyone that likes or comments.

5) Private Message everyone & mention the picture you posted and either show another picture, link another article or just connect on it. ( DO NOT PITCH YOUR STUFF )

Now, you have yourself a list of chiropractors/vets/doctors/lawyers/whatever niche you want. Your goal is to look into pitching your stuff a few days or weeks after you've made positive contact.

And by the way, you can literally just COPY the viral images from one group, and post them in ANOTHER. Like that image, go post it in every chiropractic group and you'll get tons of likes from chiropractors. Your identity here is someone that is an advocate of "THE THING". Here would be advocate of chiropractors/chiropractic stuff.