The Secret Of All Marketing And Sales

The Secret Of All Marketing And Sales

Let’s get started with my most powerful formula for marketing and sales. This is what I discovered after so many years. And if you really understand the secret, you will really be able to understand all advertising, marketing and sales that you see happening in the business activity. This secret will help you with your copywriting and delivering your message so people take action. Because that's what you're doing, you want more people clicking your ad, you want to get more people to sign up for your list and you want people to buy your thing…

So, What's the Secret?

This secret is related to persuasion and it's related to how do people change their behavior. How people are doing one thing and then they start to do another thing, because that's really what marketing is all about. It's about changing people's behavior. So what I discovered was that there are there are Five Psychological States that every human being has. If you look at yourself or other people, you will see we all have them.

1. The First One is Craving or Pain

And to me they're very similar. For instance, when you crave food or water, your hunger is painful, even though it's the desire, that desire is painful. That's the number one psychological state to understand: pain and desire.

What you have to understand is that everyone have these cravings and desires and pains and they're constantly trying to do things in order to satisfy their desires and to reduce their pain. And that's the primary motivating factor. That's the seed of marketing.

One important point about this state and basically all these five states is that they are generic, the feeling is the same for everyone, however, we do not satisfy them in the exact same way. So everybody has the same five psychological states, what changes is how people satisfy them.

2. The Second State is Anxiety or Frustration

This state is regarding where the person is now. So imagine a person is hungry, they want to eat, but they don't know what to eat or they go to the kitchen and they don't have food. Here is when frustration happens. There's this feeling of confusion, of being upset, feeling anxious or stressed out. This stress comes from when we have a pain, but we're not able to deal with it. We are kind of trying to stick with the pain, but we don't want to sit with it. Have you ever heard people saying “I feel stuck, I feel confused, I feel lost”?  All those things are anxiety and frustration.

3. The Third State is Power

In this state, a person has maybe found the answer to their pains, desires, anxiety or frustration. They’ve finally had enough and they feel strong to change something and now they're taking action or ready to take action. This is where a person makes a commitment.

4 & 5. The Fourth State is Happiness and The Fifth State is Fulfillment

So how does this tie together? This is a cycle that people tend to go through or they ideally want to go through. We want to go from pain to fulfillment. 

Happiness comes from joyful things or moments, like eating good food or travelling to a new city. But fulfillment is the kind of eternal peace where everything is alright. It's not just happiness in the moment, but it's the peace of mind.

How do you Apply this? How do you apply the structure in your marketing?

What you need to know is that marketing and sales is all about the first two states.

Oftentimes, people have pains and frustrations. They have their problems and desires. They have something messed up, the fat person is fat, the poor person is poor, the ugly person is ugly. Then, it comes people that is not very sociable, nobody likes them or that's what they think. They're not confident and they have an inferiority complex. That's the pain they have, and the frustration is they think they can't solve it

The fat person tries to diet, but they can't buy it. The poor person don’t have time, they think about how hard is to get money, they think they’re going to get scammed and they can't get motivated to do it right. That's the frustration. So that's where people are at. You have these pains, cravings and frustrations where they cannot achieve those things. That's where you meet them. 

The key here is that you take them through into a state of power or a state of certainty, and the state of feeling certain is the answer to their problems. This is the key.

You have to take through all their pains, cravings, frustrations into a state of power and certainty. You show them the way by following this structure and creating a story that shows them the way to happiness and fulfillment.

A great story format is to begin with stating their main problems and pains, so for instance a poor person. They have their bills. They're maybe facing bankruptcy, this is hurting them psychologically and personally. Then, the second part is saying how they can't solve all these frustrations. Mention what they've tried before and it hasn't worked. And then the third step once we tell those two things, if those things match the person that's hearing them. If the story matches their experience and they think is relatable. What happens in their brain now is that whatever that comes next will be correct or true or it will be applicable to them.

That's how we learn from each other. It's how our brains work, so if you can just match those two things to their experiences, then they will believe you and they will believe the things that they haven't heard yet or that they don't know yet.

The power moment in the story comes from a compelling fact. It has to be a compelling thing that compels them to take action, they have to feel strongly about taking action and to make the change. One way to evoke that power and that certainty from them is through an emotional story that reaches a breaking point or it reaches a point that's really powerful and they have to take action, otherwise all will be lost or solution will never come.

After that, then you show the happiness and then the fulfillment of the life transformation that comes after taking action.

This is a short sample of a story structure, for now, learn these five psychological states, and focus on the desire, and how your solution match this desire. That's the easiest thing to do, the first level is just focusing on the desire.