Before He Died, Steve Jobs shared his Most Important Secret

Before He Died, Steve Jobs shared his Most Important Secret

Steve Jobs, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time shared the #1 secret of success before he died.

Before he died, Steve Jobs shared a secret he discovered for business and achievement and I want to share that with you today. You can find the full speech on YouTube, it is the famous Stanford speech. This is a very important lesson for entrepreneurs about achievement and success, and the biggest difference between people who succeed and people who don't.

As you know he's a remarkable person who had a very unique experience in life and achieved unique things, so it’s very interesting to hear his perspective. When I first heard his speech I didn't understand it, I later understood it, and he said you can't connect the dots looking forward, you need to take a risk. You need to basically move forward and just have a belief that things will connect down the road. And if you study the history of Apple and the history of entrepreneurs in general, you'll find this concept just repeats over and over again, every time you heard stories of people really not having a predestined plan. They just moved forward, and kept moving forward until they figured it and found the way to their success.

Take action and keep moving forward

If you take a look at Apple, when they released their phones, most of the features did not even work, they were they were using fake phones, they didn't even have a completed product. But what they did have is they took action, they were moving forward towards their goal. Their thinking was always about doing the best they can. They did not just stop and sit hoping for a solution to come, they didn't wait or expected for things to appear. They went ahead and find out the answer during the way.

Don’t wait until you’re ready

Think about your life, how often do we procrastinate on, because we feel we're not ready. We often think we need more information, we need a better plan, we need more of something or we need less of something. So many things we don't do because we feel we're not ready nor prepared, or that we don't have enough time. Sounds familiar?

But when you look at a successful person like Bill Gates, when he was starting earlier in his career, he called IBM and he told them he had software for their computer and ask them if they wanted it. Their response was positive, and they set up a meeting with him. But in reality, he didn’t have such software, he wasn’t ready. He had the idea, but the product was unfinished. At the end, he ended up creating Microsoft just from a crazy idea, but he of course took action and kept moving forward to figure it out all along the way. And that’s what the most successful people does. They jump in without a safety net.

Take risks

If you want to achieve more and greater results you have to take risks and you have to push for it. You have to literally force yourself to go ahead before you're ready. One thing that will help you go through is to set these new milestones in order to break the routine, expand your circle and get out of your comfort zone.

That's the lesson that Steve Jobs shared with us. We have to take risks, believe and just keep moving forward. So if you ever find yourself stuck and confused, it is good to have a plan, but don’t spend more than a day planning. Focus on taking action and force yourself to get to the next level, don’t over prepare and start doing even if you don’t feel ready.

Talk soon.