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What If...

What if you can wake up tomorrow, feeling...
Powerful. Confident. Energetic.

What if you could wake up, and you had absolute clarity and vision for that day.

What amazing things do you see yourself creating with that much power and clarity?

What kind of gifts can you provide those that you love, and the whole world when you are at your absolute best. When you tap into the unlimited stores of power and creativity inside of you.

How incredible would that be?

Don't doubt yourself.
Don't censor.

Listen, I get it. For most entrepreneurs today, they are so far from that reality. In fact, most days are more of a nightmare than a dream. Filled with frantic, gut wrench anxiety. Deadlines. Massive amounts of stress. Confusion. A rollercoaster of negative emotions with a few small wins here and there.

And worst of all. It feels like a grind that never ends.

It doesn't have to be this way.

There is a key that takes you from STRESS, OVERWHELM to POWER and CLARITY. That lines you up for massive achievement. That unlocks for you both massive success and abundance and fulfillment.

And you already know deep inside what that key is.

We all know that if we do THE RIGHT THING, we will get ultimately rewarded for it.

In fact, if you ask anyone at the end of their life, how would you have lived your life differently?

If they were honest, they would all tell you:
I would have STOPPED listening to the voice of fear and greed, and START doing the right thing. I would have stopped chasing instant "quick wins" and instead worked on BIG wins. I would have focused on being a giver, not a taker.

And what does all that means?
It means one thing:
Acting Virtuously.
Being a Virtuous person.

Let me ask you.
When you were growing up, who was your favorite super hero?

How amazing was it to see them save the day, protect the innocent, and bring relief, happiness and abundance to good people, while putting the evil people behind bars?

Remember the feeling of deep satisfaction you felt after your favorite superhero movie?

That tells you something very profound.

It tells you that DEEP within your soul, that a core part of your real identity.

That deep inside you are a Virtuous super hero.
You are a powerful, provider that is ENERGIZED to serve and provide to the good people and celebrate the abundance in the process.

That's who you are.

But, what happens?
Why aren't you acting that way ALL THE TIME?

We all know...
It's the pressures of everyday life.
The toxic stress.

You have stress, fear, anxiety, pain.
Rejection. Dealing with jerks. Losing things. Seeing your bank account go down. Staring down a schedule that you hate.

All those things bring up massive amounts of stress.

That stress activates a different part of your identity.
That stress can KILL your superhero.

Either making him depressed and hopeless. Detached. Disengaged. "Just going through the movements". Dead inside.


Getting angry or resentful. Becoming a villain.
If I can't win by being a super hero, I will be the villain. "Fuck you, you can't kill me. I will kill you first"

But, is that how you want to live?
Either, DEPRESSED and feeling empty and dead inside?


Resentful. Angry. Bitter. Seeing yourself become a person that your true self hates?

I'm telling you this because I've had all those things happen to me, and have worked with so many entrepreneurs and achievers that have gone and are going through the same thing you are going through.

We're all in this together.

But, there IS a way.
What you need is to continuously ACTIVATE your inner super hero. Your virtuous self. Your powerful self. Your generous self. Your inner warrior. And inner king.

To be reminded.

We all know if you want to have an amazing body, then you must train.

You do the physical training, and your body becomes incredible.

THIS is training your character. Training your soul. Training the most important part of yourself.

This is doing the CHARACTER push ups.
This is giving steroids to your super hero, so he can start showing up everyday and banishing that inner villain that wants to destroy everything.

The most important key is COMMITMENT.
Have you noticed how so much or your PAST LIFE had been shaped by PAST commitments?

Even negative commitments shaped your history.

Ever had a negative client that you were stuck with?
Suddenly, you have a responsibility to them. And now you are putting in the work even when you aren't thrilled about it.

And if a NEGATIVE commitment. To something you dislike is THAT powerful.

A commitment to something VIRTUES. Something that you love and fuels your soul.

That is infinitely more powerful.
That commitment becomes your rock.

An external force that now pushes you toward your goals.
So you aren't alone in this fight.
We're in it together.

And, you need to commit to the RIGHT THING.
You need something that's RIGHT for you.
Something that resonates with you on a deep level.

That you know, no matter what, YES, this is what I believe in.

Because have you ever read a book or followed a personal development method, and there was this "one thing" that just didn't click for you.

Whatever it was. It was a constant irritant. And you constantly had to struggle against it.

And maybe ultimately that caused you to stop or give up on that method.

But then you figured out something else, and BOOM, things just started flowing along.

That's the power of THE RIGHT FIT.
Of a method that works FOR YOU. For your situation. For where you are now.

That's why I'm putting everything here for you to READ and digest. If this is feeling right, and it's resonating, and you're thinking YES, this is exactly it Mike. I want more of that.

That's the feeling you are looking for.
That's your guiding compass that will tell you the answer.

What I want for you, is that 12 weeks from now, you wake up and experience that incredible day.

But, it won't be unusual. Because it's been happening more and more. It's starting to become your new normal.

I want for you to totally unleash your power. Your creativity. Your genius. And start to massively contribute to the world and get rewarded for it.

And at the end of the day, to feel proud in your work. In your craftsmanship. In your creation. In your service.

To go to sleep soundly knowing fully well, that you are a good person.

Not just in INTENTION.
But in ACTION.

You are living proof that human beings are incredible. That we can overcome the cynical, base nihilism and be higher beings.

And that makes you more like your favorite super hero, than the average person.

Are you onboard?
I must warn you though.

While the fruits of this are incredible.
And the ultimate achievement and abundance that comes from this is infinitely valuable.

AND I've made the process AS EASY and SIMPLE as possible by breaking everything down into weekly "upgrades".

Every week there will be a singular focus. Singular "upgrade". That you consume that week, and you activate "the better angels of our nature" as Abraham Lincoln put it.

This isn't a magical bullet.
YOU are the superhero here.

I'm like Alfred.
I will help you best I can.
And give you the best resources and tools I can.

But YOU are the superhero.
I can't do this for you.

You must show me your commitment.
And do so by ACTION, not just intention.

Transformation happens by TAKING ACTION and DOING REAL THINGS.
Make real world changes. Real world commitments.

With your commitment, and the support and tools and resources and help from myself and our community, there is NOTHING that will stop you.

Will you take on the challenge, be your own superhero, and commit to making this happen?

If YES, then here is what we're doing.

I'm taking 12 individuals, who are HIGHLY COMMITTED and motivated, on this 12 week transformation journey.

You will be held to high standards.
The expectations are high, and you will rise up to them.

You must finish your homework every week. Which will take anywhere from 30 minutes. To 2-3 hours.

You must commit to the virtues that we believe in. Of being a good person. Being a generous contributor. Doing the right thing. Acting fair. Being honest. Always looking to help others, never harm them. Having a long term view. Valuing effort & training, because achievements are earned not taken. Valuing courage, discipline, personal honor, dignity and integrity, because there are days you must battle the inner villains and STAND UP for what you believe in.

If you are committed to these virtues AND you are willing to do the work, then I'm looking forward to reading your questionnaire, and discussing this further with you.

The program fee is $2,500 for the 12 weeks but it is strictly by invitation and subject to your questionnaire review and acceptance.

To send in your application for one of the 10 spots, you'll need to fill out the questionnaire below and pay a refundable $50 "good faith" deposit to show that you are serious in being considered. If invited, you'll have 48 hours to accept and finalize your enrollment, otherwise your spot will be given to the next person in line.

To your success.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Mike Kabbani