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How Confronting A Gang Of Thieves Reminded Why Virtue Is The Most Important Lesson Of Life

I was parking my car in the grocery store parking lot when I noticed something unusual unfold.

A car was stopped parallel to a parked SUV, doors opened and getting swarmed by 3 guys in black clothes and hoods.

I slowed down to understand what’s going on and finally when one of them started smashing the rear window.

Immediate, I drove closer to them and...

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Why Ego-Pride Is Secretly Sabotaging Your Success And Stopping You From Achieving Your Greatest Goals

Is pride bad?

With the 7 deadly sins, it's easy to see how they are detrimental to the individual.

Lust -- excessive desire.
Gluttony -- overconsumption & addiction.
Greed -- wanting things that one has not earned.
Sloth -- Laziness & lack of discipline.
Wrath -- uncontrollable rage that simply wants to destroy.
Envy -- hating other people...

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The Crisis That Entrepreneurs And High Achievers Face Today And How To Solve It

When I was in my early 20s, my friend told me
"You either are a wolf, or devoured by wolves"

I never liked that idea, the notion that it was always victim and victimizer. You either had to hurt others, or be hurt.

But, as time went on, and I reached ever greater heights of success. And I developed my powers. My abilities to persuade. My...

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The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make with Nootropics

I've been testing all kinds of nootropics, supplements and even prescription strength medications for over 15 years, and I've seen a really big issue.

How many times have you or read about someone taking a supplement and, suddenly, they are cured.
They have an amazing day. They feel great. Pain is gone, or energy is up. Mood is transformed.

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